I’m often approached by artists to feature their work and do collaborations; over the past 5 years of running my social media platforms for Jewish Chick, I have turned every single one of them down. Nothing ever seemed like a good fit, either their work was too modern or too traditional or too “something”; until Yaeli Vogel came into my life.

I was cleaning out my spam email and noticed her message buried in between vacation offers; her subject header caught my attention so I decided to explore what she wanted. ‘Sigh, yet another starving artist wanting to advertise’ I thought to myself as I read on. My fiancé’s favorite phrase suddenly popped into my head “just give it a chance” so I ventured onto her website; I was blown away!

I started collection various art in my younger 20’s; my favorites being baroque with fairy tale, whimsical features created with metallic and vivid hues. Her pieces fit my taste to a perfect “T’.

The more I scrolled, the more enthralled I became; her work was absolutely majestic. I jumped to the “about section” of  Yaeli Vogel’s website to see what this talented woman was all about. A full time, self taught artist, her mission was to add vibrancy to life. And with her masterpieces, she truly does.

As I was going back and forth between which one of her pieces would be best in my home, specifically my master bedroom, I kept going back to one work in particular- the “Chuppah in Starlight”.  An Orthodox Jewish couple stood below a chuppah on their wedding day, stunning colors of magenta and indigo surrounding them, my gut told me “this was the one.”

After spending weeks deciding on the perfect finish for the frame and eagerly waiting for it to be finished, the time came to finally hang “Chuppat in Starlight”.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this glorious work of art and am ever so grateful to Yaeli for having the chutzpah to email me requesting to work together; I can’t recommend her amazing art work enough.